Lectionary Readings

One of our lectionary readings from this week is Ezekiel 37:1-14. You will most likely remember this familiar text. Look back to chapter 36: 22 to see why God is assuring Israel that He will restore them. Why would a valley be full of dry bones? What do the bones represent? What does it mean to prophesy? Why is Ezekiel called son of man? Who is also called the Son of Man? What do you think about Ezekiel's answer to Yahweh's question? How would you have answered? What had to happen for the army to come back to life? Where else to we see breath used to produce life in the bible? What else is given by breath in the bible? How does verse 14 speak to you about your own life? As you think about your own Faith walk, when have you seen God restore someone, maybe yourself, that you thought was beyond restoration? When have you taken the opportunity to prophesy? Post your thoughts and share in the discussion.

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