Lectionary Studies

Our scripture for this week will cover Romans 13:8-14. In verse 8, is Paul saying it is not okay to borrow or lend? If not, what is he saying? What is the common theme among the commandments that Paul lists in verse 9? What things do you lust after a person, food, a car or other possessions? Who is your neighbor in verse 10? see also Luke 10:30-37. What salvation is Paul referring to in verse 11? How do we put on the armor of light and how does it protect us from the darkness? What are some of the deeds of darkness that you are susceptible to? Paul lists strife or dissension and envy or jealousy as deeds of darkness. How do you deal with these issues in your life? How does clothing yourself with Jesus Christ help you overcome the temptations of the flesh? How do we love our neighbors?

Our teen zoom bible study class will be held at 6 pm on Monday evening. If you are interested in participating, simply comment on the FUMC Kemp Facebook page and Jim will send you an invitation.

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